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Reallusion Headshot Plug-In 1.11 Repack Updated for 3.4
1. Remove old headshot from your computer
2. Remove any registry left behind
3. Install

Reallusion - Beard & Brows Builder (For 3.4)
The Beard & Brows Builder pack contains sets of frequently seen facial hair styles, effectively adding realism to digital human males. Inherited with component design and dynamic shader benefits from Smart Hair standard, you can easily apply full-beard styles to your actor, or build your own facial hair library from distinctive beard and brow elements. Moreover, the included Material Plus presets give each element different visual options like straight or curly hair, as well as different age and color variations.

Reallusion - Prime Hairstyles
10 distinctive hairstyles selected as representatives of the first Smart Hair collection. From short to long, young to aged, braided to ponytail, all of the hairstyles are designed with the best mesh arrangement and hair texture quality. Along with Material Plus presets, users can give each hairstyle several color options, with age and fashion varieties.​