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  1. Melaro

    PAID Asset 5.0 4.27 4.26 $20 Character Factory Vol9 Police Officer 2022-08-01

    <br/><br/><p>Completely reworked to be compatable with other characters in Character Factory series.</p><p>THE CHARACTER FACTORY.</p><p>Characters in this series are fully modular with the main idea to keep cross-compatibility between assets.</p><p>DESCRIPTION</p><p>This characters pack has...
  2. Melaro

    PAID Asset 4.27 4.26 $8 Factory Modular Ruins 8.12.2021

    update 8.12.2021: added two more destroyed factory examples in showcase map. Factory Ruins modular props, 1940 architecture style. Modular walls, windows, catwalks, doors, metal roofs, concrete pillars and beams. Showcase video Technical Details Features: x1. 25 scale for FPS use 18 types of...
  3. Melaro

    PRO Asset 4.26 Old Factory LAST VERSION

    Old factory industrial environment, includes modular buildings with interiors, props and vehicles. VIDEO - https://youtu.be/xDruYK6jHk4 Technical Details Features: Modular buildings with simple interiors Vehicles with color variations: VAN and truck. Many props like trailer, boxes, covered...