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3D to Pixel

PREMIUM Asset 4.26 3D to Pixel LAST VERSION

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Create Pixel Art textures with your 3D assets easily with 3D to Pixels!
Thanks to the Editor Widget Blueprints system transform all your mesh, skeletal mesh and animations into Textures, Sprites, SpritesSheet ready to use in your projects! But that's not it, you can create a Pixel Perfect Normal Maps too with a lot of customizations. Automate all the work, stay in Editor and don't use third party programs anymore.

Add multiple effects like lut based Celshading, pixel perfect Outlines and Inlines, Ambient Lut changes.
Very easy to use in all resolutions, all frame rates and save all the parameters in presets for reusing it.

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Technical Details​

  • Transform 3D Static Mesh and Skeletal mesh animation in textures
  • Sprites Sheet Maker
  • Multiple Post Process effect like celshading, outlines, ambiant lut, stilized metal materials
  • Pixel perfect Normal maps
  • Previewer
  • Save and Load Preset

Number of Blueprints: 6 and 3 Editor Widget Blueprints
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes

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