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AFExtension - Arch Viz - VR, Desktop & Mobile

PRO Asset 4.26 AFExtension - Arch Viz - VR, Desktop & Mobile LAST VERSION

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Very important!
This pack is an expansion pack for the "Advanced Framework - VR. Mobile & Desktop". You need to own the Advanced Framework in order to use this pack. Do NOT buy this pack if you do not own the Advanced Framework.

The Advanced Framework-Universe ready to experience in cross-platform multiplayer. The builds features the Advanced Framework Core as well as all currently available Extensions. Available extensions can be purchased separately on the Marketplace.
AdvancedFramework - Universe Desktop
AdvancedFramework - Universe VR

3 Unique Example Enviroments​

Living Room - The living room is a fully playable level that shows how the ArchViz Extension enables developers to show highly polished meshes and materials while retaining sufficient efficiency to show their applications on mobile devices with limited like the oculus quest.
Gallery - The gallery was created to showcase how the ArchViz Extension can make especially VR accessible even to players with no experience. In the Gallery level all our efforts went into minimizing controller input and still providing a level with tons of player interactions.
Empty Room - The empty room level highlights the sophisticated possibilities the ArchVizExtensions provides for a player to furnish and interact with the application.

User Interfaces​

  • Pallet and HUD: user interfaces to access all features of the level
  • Info Windows: docents of original and custom placed information windows
  • Viewports: to visit all locations of the level effortlessly


  • Proximity and Gaze-based interactions
  • Object Catalog and Spawner: that enables the player to spawn furniture and decoration to furnish the room to their liking
  • Shopping Cart: with all functions to provide a overview on placed actors
  • Bookmark system: that allows to flag locations of the level for further discussion or modification


  • Internationalization: - i18n data tables to support translation
  • Cross Plattform: established pawns for VR, Desktop and Mobile complete with controls and UI
  • Lighting Scenarios: light changes using streaming levels without depending on dynamic lights


The AdvancedFramework offers a ready to use multiplayer solution using the Epic Online Subsystem.

Technical Details​

  • 168 blueprints
  • 4 structs
  • 38 widgets
  • 15 levels
Platforms tested:
  • Windows
  • Mac (only community tested)
  • HTC Vive/Pro, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Oculus Quest 1/2, Valve Index
  • Android
  • Our Community uses basically every VR Headset out there. Ask them on Discord if you have specific questions.

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