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**We are updating all “Affordable Landscapes 1” landscapes and releasing each 4 landscape as a separate bundle.
Once all landscapes are updated we’ll be releasing it all as a mega update to Affordable Landscapes 1 and the price will be increased from $100 to $200.

If you own Affordable Landscapes 1 you don’t need to purchase “Realistic Landscapes Bundle 1, 2, 3…”. Just give the email address associated with your UE4 Account and we’ll ask Epic to grant you free access to them.

If you don’t own “Affordable Landscapes 1”, you can still purchase it for $100 before we’re finished with the updating process and the price is raised to $200. It will include all remastered landscapes. You will save $100.

Affordable Landscapes 1**…ble-landscapes 1
Realistic Landscapes Bundle 1…dscapes-bundle 1
Realistic Landscapes Bundle 2…apes-bundle-01 1
Realistic Landscapes Bundle 3…apes-bundle-02

Here is a comparison between remastered (left) and old versions (right) of same landscapes.

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