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Ancient Seaport and Ship Pack

PRO Asset 4.26 Ancient Seaport and Ship Pack LAST VERSION

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Ancient Seaport and Ship Pack is a high quality model to add more details and realism to your projects. All colors can be easily modified. Unreal engine compatible models FBX . PROFESSIONALLY MODELED Models in scene were made without ngons and to keep polycount as low as possible: WELL ORDERED Like all our products this Ancient Seaport and Ship Pack is handy to use and easy to modify. In this product there is no problem with multiplied materials and textures! There is more models of this series – explore our models set! It is suitable for game engines Quoted poly count is for triangles. Game Environment is low-poly model ideal for game engines (Game-Ready). Very High detailed Game Environment ready for professional projects.
Other work will continue link

Technical Details​

  • Demo scene included
  • Fully customizable material
Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes
Collision: Yes, Automatically generated
Vertex Count: max 31000
LODs: Automatically LOD for each mesh
Number of Meshes: 87
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 7
Number of Textures: 20
Textures uv 2048-2048
  • Shipyard 10000 polygon
  • Port 5300 polygon
  • Lighthouse 1900 polygon
  • Apparatus 11000 polygon (73 mesh)
  • Ancient Ship 01: 7375 polygon
  • Ancient Ship 02: 6207 polygon
  • Ship Sail Small: 218 polygon
  • Ship Sail Big: 126 polygon
  • Ship Closed Sail Small: 1102 polygon
  • Ship Closed Sail Big:1104 polygon
  • Ship Shovel : 15 polygon
(PBR) Normal--Metallik--Roughness--Emissive--BaseColor
Properly named Textures,Materials and Meshes
Model is fully textured with all materials applied. You can edit the material :))
The pivot points are properly positioned.
Windows: Yes

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