Animated AKS74U Assault Rifle FPS Weapons Pack

PREMIUM Asset 4.27 4.26 Animated AKS74U Assault Rifle FPS Weapons Pack LAST VERSION

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The Ironbelly AKS-74U is a perfect blend of wood and metal to recreate this compact assault rifle in staggering 4K textures with new VFX muzzle flash and stand alone meshes for each component. The AKS-74U comes with 3 LODs and has been optimized for any modern game. As with all Ironbelly weapons, the 74U comes with a full set of rigged arms, and 10 animations. A perfect addition to any combat game.

The FP arms included are compatible with all weapons and the UE4 Starter Kit. For additional sleeve textures, skin tones and female arms, check out our FP Arms Pack.

Tutorial | Video Demo | Sketchfab

Technical Details​

AKS-74U (20 Assets)

1 Ultra High AAA Quality AKS-74U (17,891 Tris / 9,485 Verts)
3 AKS-74U LODs
  • 25% (4,472 Tris / 2,503 Verts)
  • 50% (8,945 Tris / 4,844 Verts)
  • 75% (13,419 Tris / 7,185 Verts)
1 AKS-74U Skeletal Rig (9 bones)
10 Animations (Idle, Walk, Sprint, Fire, Reload, Aim, Aim Walk, Aim Fire, Raise, Lower)
5 PBR Textures @ 4096x4096 (Base Color, Metalness, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion)

First Person Arms (8 Assets)

1 Ultra High AAA Quality First Person Arms (12,120 Tris / 6,094 Verts)
1 First Person Arms LOD (50% - 6,060 Tris / 3,063 Verts)
1 First Person Arms Skeletal Rig (69 bones)
5 First Person Arms PBR Textures @ 4096x4096 (Base Color, Roughness, Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion, Metalness)

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