Arctic Island

PREMIUM Asset 4.27 Arctic Island LAST VERSION

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A set of assets and visual effects, that could help you to build Arctic-type environments or set up your own scenes with similar techniques.

Technical Details​

  • Set of high quality PBR ice assets with size-independent, distance-based microdetail and bent normal mapping support
  • Custom image-based skydome blueprint with configurable clouds movement emulation and user panoramas support
  • Custom water shader with LODs and distance field flow-mapping functionality
  • Set of environmental particle effects to enchance overall visuals
  • 2-layer multi-distance configurable landscape material
  • Full-featured example location and assets overview map

PBR: Yes
Texture Size: Up to 4K
Collision: Custom / automatically generated / Per-poly
Vertex Count: min 26, max 20991
LODs: Up to 3, automatically generated

[12] Meshes
[12] Materials
[17] Material Instances
[5] Material Functions
[2] Levels : Demo and Overview
[44] Textures
[3] Particles
[1] Decals
[3] Blueprint Classes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows
Documentation: Node Graphs comments and parameters descriptions
Important/Additional Notes: Link

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