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The BlueprintCore plugin is an Editor Extension that allows you to “protect” your blueprint assets. You can completely disable editing of your blueprints to people that shouldn’t have access to them but keep the functionality of modifying child blueprints or make new blueprints that are children of the locked blueprint.

This is useful if you want to share a project with someone but want to hide your blueprint source code/nodes, they can create a Child Blueprint of your Blueprint but still call functions that are hidden away inside your "Parent Blueprint", even if the Parent Blueprint is locked away from access.

This is also useful if you have designers and coders working on your project and you want to make the blueprint "Read-Only" to disable editing of the Blueprint but still allow the designers to see the logic/nodes

: This plugin was just released, it may contain bugs or other issues.
Notes: It's your own responsibility to keep your key files safe and secure, eelDev takes no responsibility if you loose your key file(s).
Notes: If your Key File is lost there is no way to gain access to your BlueprintCore blueprints. Regular blueprints are not affected by the plugin.
If you disable / remove the BlueprintCore plugin all your BlueprintCore blueprints will be unusable!
Notes: It's not possible to convert a regular Blueprint to a BlueprintCore Blueprint

Technical Details​

  • Hide Blueprint "Source code" / Nodes
  • Lock blueprints to Key Files, making them not editable if Key File is missing
  • Read-Only blueprints
  • Enable/Disable Renaming of Blueprint Graphs & Events
  • Enable/Disable Variables
  • Enable/Disable Functions
  • Enable/Disable Macros
  • Enable/Disable Delegates
  • Enable/Disable Event Graphs
Code Modules
  • BlueprintCore [Runtime]
  • BlueprintCoreEditor [Editor]
Number of C++ Classes: 10+
Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Video Demonstration

Latest updates


    BLUEPRINTCORE 1.0.8 December 30, 2021 by hulken GENERAL Fixed compiling for UE5 EA2