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Church Cathedral Interior Environment

PRO Asset 4.26 Church Cathedral Interior Environment LAST VERSION

No permission to download

Church/ Cathedral Interior Environment including all showcased assets and showcased Level , high quality assets .With good level of details and optimized for Gameready Projects . Done by talented Artist Juan Pablo Fuentes Ruiz .

If you want to populate your games or any kind of Virtual Production levels here is the pack that you get and use to get high quality visuals and well optimized assets.

Showcase Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DLhE8pli94

If you will have any questions or support requests feel free to contact our team with : [email protected] email address

Here you can join Leartes Asset Platform Discord Server ( Cosmos ) to get discounts.

Technical Details​

  • High Attention to Details
  • Unique Concepts of Assets
  • High Quality Assets
  • Gameready / Optimized
  • Controllable parameters in Material Instances
Number of Unique Meshes: 170
Collision: Made Customly and In Unreal Engine
LODs: Yes up to 4 LODs
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 49
Number of Textures: 136
Texture Resolutions: 1K , 2K
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes

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