Commercial Long-Range Aircraft

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Highly detailed passenger jet airplane with PBR Materials. Rigged+ Animated. Animation blueprint included to pose each of the included animated parts. Includes three fictitious airline liveries inspired by real airlines, that can be tinted in different colours plus a default 'white' paint job that can be painted/tinted with custom tint masks.
No Interior.

Technical Details​

  • Highly detailed passenger jet, accurate in dimension and texture (PBR materials)
  • Rigged, all moving parts (landing gear, flaps, slats, speedbrakes, rudder, ailerons, thrust reversers..) can be posed/animated (animations/blendspaces included) via blueprint. See video below for an overview:
  • 3 airline liveries to select in addition to a generic 'white' paint job (more liveries easily added with additions to the blueprint+ tint masks in RGBA)

Number of Unique Meshes: 1 (aircraft), 7 (collision)
Collision: Yes, Custom (7 meshes)
Triangle Count: 56765
Vertex Count: 57209
LODs: Yes
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 6, 1 instance per livery per fuselage part (3x3)
Number of Textures: 3 per material (Base, Normal, Occlusion+Rough+Metal)
Texture Resolutions: 4K
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: YES
Mac: YES



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