Crawling Monsters

PRO Asset 4.26 Crawling Monsters LAST VERSION

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Crawling monsters - a Blueprint for wall and ceiling crawling creatures ready to attack.
Video HERE

Technical Details​

  • Features 2 blueprints, 1 Character Blueprint, and 1 simple bp to spawn characters
  • Monsters wander randomly and can climb walls and ceilings
  • Monsters jump randomly from surface to surface
  • When received damage monster will attack
  • Monster tracks the player and attacks from closer range
  • Monster retreats after a variable amount of attacks
  • Monster will die to variable damage
  • Monster attacks cause damage

Number of Blueprints: 2
Input: uses epic's 1st person template input mappings
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Tested in windows 64b


  • Blueprints include comments for all the logic.
  • To get started, just add a blueprint or blueprints to level and play.
  • No navmesh was used.
  • Linetraces trace meshes simple collisions

also included:
  • 1 animation (walk cycle)
  • 2 levels as in video (one has spawner placed, other single instances of monster BP)
  • 7 Materials, 0 instances
  • 2 particle effects (can be replaced in monster BP)
  • 1 skeletal mesh 11718 triangles
  • 1 single body phys asset
  • 5 textures (4 x 4k + 1 x 2k)
  • Uses slightly modified Epic's 1st person shooter template assets for the player character