Crystal Renderer

PRO Plugin 4.27 4.26 Crystal Renderer 1.1

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This applies crystalline material onto given convex-shaped mesh.
Also contains utilities to create jewel mesh.

Configurable material:
-Material color (with density)
-Refractive index
-Number of bounces (how many times ray can be reflected in the object)
-Color aberration (just a fake but effective)

-Static meshes
-Procedural "Round Brilliant Cut" and "Step Cut" implemented as Blueprints.

Sample Level
Material configuration
Brilliant Cut configuration
Step Cut configuration

Sample Package

Technical Details​

  • Creates and sets crystal material on given static mesh component
Code Modules:
  • CrystalRenderer (Runtime)
Number of Blueprints: 3
Number of C++ Classes: 1 (function library)
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: WIn64
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64
Example Project(4.26):
Important/Additional Notes: