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Cubebrush - M4A1 [AAA]

PRO Asset Pack UE5 EA 4.27 4.26 Cubebrush - M4A1 [AAA] LAST VERSION

No permission to download

Cubebrush - M4A1

AAA Quality !!!

(Includes all FBX, OBJ & Maja Files for Editing)

..including the PBR Textures

Compatible with Unreal Engine 4, Cry Engine5 and Unity5










The 3D model Rifle M4A1 was created on real base. It’s created accurately, in real units of measurement (centimeter), qualitatively and maximally close to the original. The intended use for this model and its textures are first person shooters. Polycount is equal to current generation games such as Far Cry or Call of Duty.

Meshes of Rifle M4A1:​

  • Body (Boltcarrier/Charginghandle/Frame/Trigger/Shutter_cover); 16998 tris/4096x4096
  • Buttstock /2982 tris /2048x2048
  • Magazine (empty) /1808 tris /2048x2048
  • GrenadeLauncher /5289 tris /2048x2048
  • Collimator /5280 tris /2048x2048
  • Magnifer /3559 tris /2048x2048
Total polycount: 38283 tris

Textures of Rifle M4A1:​

  • PBR MetallRoughness (BaseColor, Rougness, Metallic, Normal, AO)/ tga, 8 bit
  • Unreal Engine 4 (BaseColor, OcclusionRougnessMetall, Normal)/tga, 8 bit
  • Unity 5 (AlbedoTransparency, SpecularSmoothness, Normal)/ png, 16 bit
  • Cry Engine 5 (NormalGlossiness, Diffuse, Specular)/tga, 8 bit


  • High quality 3D model
  • High quality textures
  • Highly detailed and realistic
  • Model is fully textured
  • All Textures follow the PBR Workflow
  • Clean Topology, optimized for realtime use.
  • High resolution textures in multiple formats
  • Easy accessable content for modification
  • Model is built to real world scale
  • Units are set to centimeters
  • No Plugins needed whatsoever
  • Files with seperate and named parts included.
All textures are available in high resolution, exported from Substance Painter using export presets for Unreal Engine 4; Cry Engine5 and Unity5 aswell as default channel exports for any other purpose.

All Textures are exported in 8bit .tga (Truevision), aswell as in 16bit .png format, for Unity engine 5. After importing the model and the textures into the target engine you have to follow the official engine documentation on how to set the material up.

All content included is packed in archives. The archives with textures and files have fairly simple to understand names. For any question regarding this model feel free to send a mail to [email protected]

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