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The Fantasy armour cultist pack comes with a fully customizable set of costumes to be used with light fantasy realistic-games. You can choose from a varity of predefined versions or use provided parts to create your own cultist crew. Be it a warlock, sniffy assasin melee, or enslaved humans.

Pack Overview

  • Multiple SK items: are stripped down to groups : hats, hairs, heads, upper-body, pants and shoes
  • Clothing: ~ 60SK meshes (made for base classes like mage, warlock and melee/knight)
  • Basic costume set design 2x pants per gender, 2x hats, chest base + variations with bags and tome, 4x bracers, 3x skeleton dress
  • Different skin textures + skintint as well
  • Equipment uses a Master Material and a mask Texture, which will allow you to tweak its visual appearance in detail.
  • 4x weapon
For compatibility with other asset packs (like carrying a firearm or even dual pistol), the delivered skeletal meshes are skinned to the UE4 skeleton and main- and off-hand pivots are aligned to its hand grip.

Port on Metahuman will happen in Beta - after skeleton and workflows have been established.

In case you need more customization - You can integrate the caster classes pretty easy into our
Character Editor base system. This product is compatible with our Character base packs.
The polycount is between 20 to 35k for a full costume. Including all gear options.

Technical Details​


Character: 1 Blueprint and 4 example NPC Blueprints
Character Parts: 44 SK meshes
PBR Textures
: Albedo, normal, ORM (ambient Occlusion, Roughness, and Metallic) and tint masks
80 Sample Materials: Including 4 Master Materials for items and hairs
Maps: 1 Overview
Other: UE4 Mannequin with slightly modified UE4 skeleton (added sockets)
Scaled to Epic Skeleton: YES
Rigged: YES
Rigged to Epic Skeleton: YES
Animated: No Animation included
Number of Characters: divided into parts
Vertex counts of characters:
  • Fullbody naked: ~ 30k
  • Dress ~20k-50k full-body
  • Skeleton base: 23k