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Watch Decal Designer in action
Create any decal or material you need in seconds, directly in the Unreal viewport with simple and easy-to-use controls. Use procedural texture generation to create infinite variations with ease. Input your own custom masks and textures

Full Online Documentation with 20+ pages showing all parameters, step by step guides and features.

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Technical Details​

  • 1 Core Master Material Function with 12 Master Decal Materials
  • Extra Decal features such as angle blending, depth fade, backface culling, spherical mapping, World and Triplanar mapping, POM and more
  • 50+ parameters including Stylization, Height Blending, Thickness, Underlayer blurring, Contextual Distribution (even works with any texture you provide)
  • Library of 50 pre made Decal materials. More to come soon
  • 4 Maps - Library, Features, BlendModes and Tutorial
  • Full online documentation
  • Decal Designer creates standard Textures in the Content Browser

Requires the free Substance Plugin for Unreal 4

Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances 50+
Number of Textures: 200+ included, make as many as you want with Decal Designer
Texture Resolutions: Fully procedural, up to 8K in resolution
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Documentation: Full Online Documentation
Current Version: 1.04 Release Notes

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