Dynamic Wall Run

PREMIUM Asset 4.27 Dynamic Wall Run UPDATE 1

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VIDEO PREVIEW - https://youtu.be/sJUMDcvUsNY

This is a set of animations and Blueprints for a third person wall-running system, inspired by games such as Prince of Persia.

UPDATE 1 - November 16th, 2021 - Fixed an issue that prevented the animations from working under certain circumstances.

- Designed for easy integration into existing characters - it's component based and uses a linked AnimBP
- The Wall Run component has many parameters allowing you to customize your wall run's behavior, such as its speed, arc, duration, corner angle limits, and more
- Supports turning inside and outside corners up to 90 degrees if desired
- Full documentation (including step-by-step instructions) is provided
- Compatible with ALS
- All Blueprints are thoroughly commented to explain each section

- Multiplayer is not supported
- This system has been thoroughly tested to make sure it works under all circumstances I can think of - however, if you encounter any bugs, please contact me and I'll fix them ASAP! I can be reached at hammerheadue4@gmail.com
- This system works best with smooth/consistent collision on your wall meshes. Misplaced cracks or holes in collision can make it hard to accurately detect the wall's surfaces, so make sure your walls have appropriate collisions set up!

Technical Details​

Features: Blueprints and animations for a highly configurable third-person wall running system.
Number of Blueprints: 3 (WallRun Component, Linked AnimBP, Example Character BP)
Number of Animations: 15 Animations + 4 Additive Poses
Input: Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: No (Untested)
Documentation: A PDF can be found inside the Content\DynamicWallRun\Documentation folder
Important/Additional Notes: Animation source FBX files can be found in the Content\DynamicWallRun\SourceFiles folder.

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