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Easy Survival RPG v4

FREE Asset 5.3 Easy Survival RPG v4 V4

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Easy Survival RPG is a project for Unreal Engine that contains almost everything you need to develop your own multiplayer Survival, RPG, Survival RPG, Adventure and so on games. All mechanics are designed from the ground up for multiplayer.

To get a better idea for this product try the Demo v4.0 and check the Features List v4.0.
Interested in information on future updates? Check the Roadmap.
Want to see the changelog? Check the Patch Notes.

With Easy Survival RPG you save several years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop the same functionality and all the features. Included in the purchase price is access to our private Discord community, where you can find like-minded people, new friends, and answers to your questions among 3000+ active users, as well as access to a library of tutorial videos and extensive documentation. Good luck on your journey!


  • Full Multiplayer Support (Lan, P2P, Steam, Dedicated Server)
  • Character & Customization System
  • Combat System (Weapons/Unarmed/Tools)
  • Ranged Weapons System (Pistol/Rifle/Bow/Crossbow/Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher/Etc)
  • Magic & Spells System (Fireball/Firebombs/Meteor/Magic Shield/Healing/Teleportation/Etc)
  • Fishing System (Fishing rod/Worms/Fish/Fishing spots)
  • Skill Tree System
  • Building System (Modular)
  • Building System (Placeable Interactive Structures/Decorations)
  • Building System (Locks)
  • Farming Systems (Various crop plots and vegetables)
  • Animals & Breeding System (Hen, Rooster, Chick, Pig, Swine, Piglet; Various behavior trees)
  • Multiplayer Save & Load System (Dedicated Server Support)
  • Resources System (Trees Сhopping/Mining)
  • Resources System (Collectable Items)
  • Resources System (Shovel & Digging)
  • Advanced AI System (Melee/Ranged/Animals/Background Animals)
  • AI Companios (Orders system)
  • Dynamic Interactive Foliage System
  • Advanced Spline System (Seagull/Fish School/Etc)
  • Complex Footstep System (Prints/Sounds/VFX)
  • Sound System (Common/Impacts/Items)
  • Game Settings System (Graphic/Inputs/Game/Audio/Save & Load)
  • Mini & Global Map System
  • Water & Swimming System
  • Quest & Dialogue & Journal System
  • Multiplayer Chat System
  • Trading System
  • Advanced Ability System
  • Respawn System
  • Weight System
  • Advanced Damage System
  • HUD & UI & Hotbar System
  • Inventory System
  • Container & Items & Durability System
  • Torch System
  • Backpack System
  • Zones System (Damage/Healing/Etc)
  • IK Solution (Character/AI)
  • And much more…

Update v4.0:

  • Footstep System Rework
  • Building System Rework
  • Fishing System
  • Advanced Starting Customization
  • AI System Improvements
  • Save & Load System Improvements
  • Animals & Breeding System
  • New Building Objects & Logic
  • Locks System Rework
  • Blueprints & Optimization
  • New animations/meshes/sounds/etc

Update v3.0:

  • Advanced Ability System
  • Advanced Damage System
  • Magic & Spells System
  • Farming System
  • Skill Tree System
  • Advanced AI System
  • Ranged AI System
  • Zones System
  • Backpack System
  • Mannequin System
  • New animations/meshes/sounds/etc

Technical Details​

Number of Blueprints: 432
Number of Animations: 447
Number of Meshes: 637
Number of Materials: 196 ( 57 masters & 139 instances)
Number of Textures: 191
Number of Icons: 284
Number of Sounds: 858 (617 WAVs & 241 Cues)
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes, Full Multiplayer Support
Target Platform: PC

Important Note: Easy Survival RPG contains fully commented blueprints.

Latest updates

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    Link fixed

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