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Ecosystem AI

FREE Asset 4.26 Ecosystem AI LAST VERSION

No permission to download

Update 1 (Pending Approval)
  • Fixed deer carcasses launching into the air when a wolf walks over them
  • Added an option to drain health when a vital stat is low
  • Predators will no longer kill their own species when eating
  • Fixed a runtime error when animals procreate

Launch Discount! (Original price $20)

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Watch the Trailer


AI features:
  • Explore: The animal will explore the land, searching for food and water
  • Sleep: When the stamina is low, the animal will find a place to lay and rest.
  • Basic needs: Drink at water sources when thirsty or eat food when hungry.
  • Fight or Flight: When a predator is hungry it will hunt for food and the prey will escape from danger, taking routes to confuse the predators.
  • Mating & Reproduction: Animals will reproduce once in a while, respecting the max population you set for each species so they won't flood your level.

Technical Details​

Main features:
  • Simple AI Graph based on real life animal behaviour
  • Lightweight (Less than 10MB)
  • Easy to create your own species, just import your animated model, edit the parameters and you are all set.
  • Complex AI with simple logic, making it easy to edit, understand and expand
  • Every major blueprint is commented and tidy
  • Only basic knowledge required.
  • Low poly meshes, materials and animations included

This project will increase its price tag on each update that adds content (not bug fixes)

The upcoming features we are currently working on are:
  • Day/Night cycle affecting animal behaviour
  • More animal diet types
  • Bird AI
  • Fish AI
  • Performance options when NPCs are far away
  • Animal husbandry
  • Network replication
  • Any suggestions you may have will be taken into consideration!

Number of Blueprints: 21
Input: Keyboard & Mouse
Documentation: In-editor & video tutorial

Thank you and good luck in your projects!

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