Elite Landscapes Fractal Alien

PREMIUM Asset Constant Updates 4.27 Elite Landscapes Fractal Alien 1.0

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Flyby Video: https://youtu.be/8PG9uQCUlJg

Documentation video for changing Landscape Material and using Heatmaps: https://youtu.be/emnYiW7atfc

Elite Landscapes is a very affordable pack for high resolution landscapes. FractaI Alien pack features 5 high quality landscapes with 8k resolution heightmaps, high quality fractal models created with an in-house fractal software; two versions for UE4 and high res UE5, animated cloud shadows and a movie matte painting quality sky panorama. Also included the levels and light setups you see on the screenshots and video.

The pack has a very basic landscape material but for anyone who wants to use advanced landscape materials; I also included the original heatmaps so that you can have all the details of the original terrain with your own materials or any material pack that can be found in the Marketplace.

Sky Sphere uses the same system as in Epic's Demonstration Projects. It's a one, distorted 360 degree image, modified for the UVs of a sphere mesh.

Technical Details​

  • 5 Landscapes
  • 1 Sky image
  • 10 Fractal 3D meshes (5 for optimized UE4 versions with LODs and 5 high res UE5 versions)
  • 6 maps with different light setups (1 overview map included)
  • Original 8k heatmaps
  • Basic Landscape material
Texture Sizes:
  • Landscape heatmaps: 8128x8128
  • All other textures are mostly 4096x4096. Very small amount of them are 2048x2048.
Collision: Yes, automatic. Fractal meshes have convex collisions made.
LODs: Yes, automatic landscape LOD. Fractal meshes have Level Architecture LODs with custom set up distance values.
Number of Meshes: 5 Landscapes, 10 static meshes and an additional static mesh for Sky Sphere.
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 5 Base Materials, 14 Material Instances, 4 Material Functions
Number of Textures: 20
Supported Development Platforms: Desktop and Console.
Supported Target Build Platforms: Desktop and Console.
Important/Additional Notes: Please reach out to me via email (darth_velarion@yahoo.com) or here if you don't know how to use heatmaps to use in your own landscape materials. I'll