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EXSITE - non-repetitive master materials, functions and BPs.

PAID Asset 4.26 $10 EXSITE - non-repetitive master materials, functions and BPs. 2.5

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This is a big one! Extile non-repetitive functions can now be used with Unreal's powerful and flexible layered material system. Using material layers you can now stack as many layers/masks as you want using the 11 X built in material blends. Great for creating non-destructive, non-repetitive workflows for any project -solo to professional!
Material layers have been enabled in the project settings under Rendering features. It is on by default from 4.26 and above.
(Video link below)
(*Also found in Extile Plus)

New masking capabilities on main Exsite functions with ability to add grout masking and Z-height dirt amongst other improvements.

Added Exbomb II

+ Better controls for BP_Spline
+ New breakup function and material with overlay layer and additional material with optional wetness parameters

V 2.1
+ Changed some naming conventions and now all of EXSITE's master materials work with Megascans Livelink
+ Added two new Basic master materials with instances for non-aligned patterned textures (functions are part of the vertex blend functions added in V2.0)
+ Added one more random org seamless function for special cases (*incl in Extile Plus)

+ New powerful vertex non repetitive functions.
+ Non-aligned patterned non-repetitive function incorporated in the vertex function (incl. in Extile Plus as separate material)
+ New features added to the BP functionalities - changes on certain values are done by seed randomization thus creating a more predictable randomization of certain parameters.

* All materials and functions are compatible with ue5 early release (sans displacement/tessellation which is currently not supported in ue5 early release)

Exsite is a set of non-repetitive material functions, procedural masks and blueprints created especially for environment artists that want to create natural environments without worrying about repetitiveness in texture tiling and asset placement. Two "ninja" material functions take care of all your material non-repetitive needs - one for all your geometric patterned textures and one for your organic patterned ones written specifically for quick and easy placement - making them flexible and expandable for your different needs. (Similar functionality can be found in Extile Plus functions).

What is exclusive to Exsite are 6 procedural mask generators and 5 construction blueprints to make your environment creation easier and more random. In addition you will find an assortment of special materials and master blends together with tips on dynamic lighting setups. You also get 2 levels - The Exsite level to see how the materials and blueprints come together to create an environment plus a playground level where you can test out the various functions and blueprints in isolation.

Non-repetitive material functions allow you to get the most of a single texture set including the use of atlas textures and combine these functions with various mask functions to get even more complex materials. This gives you a lot of freedom in both the creation and iteration process letting you create a lot of effects in-material eliminating the need for more complex workflows.

Blueprint ability includes but not limited to various decal and mesh scatter effects, asset randomization and color randomization as well as modular setups. In the materials section you will find the two functions that will allow you to create many in material effects all bundled in very user friendly material instances. In addition to the typical randomization of your tiling textures through UV remapping, brightness, roughness and color variations you have the ability to overlay the textures with masks that can control both color and opacity parameters built in automatically or outputted independently if needed. World position asset colorization is also available on one of the functions allowing you to tint assets based on their world position. Grout definition and tinting is also available on the other function present.

**The project uses a completely dynamic lighting setup. ( There are no RTX GI/shadows or lightmap baking in the scene.)

**Material Functions are divided into Compact and Editable: Compact functions require no additional parameters and they just need to be connected to any texture set. Editable can be optionally used if you need to add more than one of the same function in a more complex material setup and therefore avoid any naming convention conflicts.

Exsite + Material Layers (V2.5)

General Overview:

Extile + Ultra Dynamic Sky


Other Products:
Advanced non-repetitive tiling material
Base non-repetitive tiling material
Landscape non-repetitive tiling material
Non-repetitive prop materials
Procedural generated material shapes

Technical Details​

Number of Unique Meshes: Props: 17, Details:46, Main: X>25
Collision: (No)
LODs: (No)
2X Levels - Exsite & Playground
05X Blueprints Decal_Scatterer, Mesh _Scatterer, Mesh_Super_Cloner,Mod_Builder, Spline Mesh
08X Random Functions(Compact/Editable/Other)
12X Mask Functions(Compact/Editable) - Noise_maker, Height_mask, Decal, Stains, Dirt, Curvature_procdural and baked)
22X Utility Functions - Examples include: World Positional Random color Tint, Wire Mesh, Atlas builder, Mask edge Break, Post Process Sharpen etc.
06X Random Master Materials
12X Master Blends
10X Special Masters - Examples include: Glass, Baked Shadows, Decal Puddles, 4 & 16 Quadrant Atlas Decals, procedural Wire Mesh, Baked Shadows etc.
148X Material Instances
Texture Resolutions: 2k and 4k (some textures were created for the project and some were sourced from Textures from https://cc0textures.com)
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: (Yes)
Mac: (Yes)
Documentation (also found in the Project file): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_0NacdwS0YFCq1-8BiwAFDLWopzfy5dbsA07n9EbV2I/edit?usp=sharing
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