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PRO Plugin 4.27 4.26 Flocks 1.2.1

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Video Tutorial Series: Link

New to Flocks Version 1.2:
Added Interaction + Health Support! You can now line trace for boids, allowing developers to use them for interactive gameplay! Add raycasting weapons that can damage boids and increase the immersion of your games.

New to Flocks Version 1.1:
Animation support!
Simple VAT animations can now be applied to the simulation - these can be built directly from a skeletal animation in the editor. Add more life to your world, simulate birds, butterflies, insects and more. With the power of Vertex Animated Textures, you can easily run 20,000+ animated meshes in 60FPS.

Simulating huge amounts of Boids in optimal frame rates has never been easier than it is with Flocks. Supporting a massive 65000+ agents at runtime, and with a large array of modifiable values, you can create life-like flocks with no effort at all. With built-in support for Restriction Volumes, you can easily define areas that are off-limits - or use Goal/Flee Volumes to make flocks that dynamically react and run away from predators!
Flocks allow you to modify every aspect of the simulation at runtime - change values for Cohesion, Separation, Alignment, Speed, Scale - and many more. Define groups that have different meshes/settings and change how they interact with each other at the flick of a switch.
Despite running on a complex optimized code algorithm, Flocks comes with full Blueprint Support which boasts a heavy focus on ease-of-use. Changing the scale of one agent, or randomizing the speed of every agent is as easy as calling a single function in Blueprints!

Technical Details​

  • CPU and GPU support
  • ANIMATION support
  • Drag and Drop implementation of Flocking Simulation
  • A diverse range of modifiable settings
  • Volume system allowing agents to Goal/Flee or Restrict their movement
  • Grouping system which allows Groups to change how they interact
  • Exposed values for simulation accuracy allowing for higher frame-rates over the accuracy or vice versa
  • Blueprint Function Library for communicating with the simulation in Blueprints
  • 4 Demonstration levels showing how to use the plugin
  • 4 Textured Fish Meshes to give you a head start

Code Modules:
  • Flocks - Runtime
  • Flocks Editor - Editor

Number of Blueprints: 8 (demo) blueprints
Number of C++ Classes: 3 exposed (22 total)
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Win64, macOS, XboxOne, PlayStation4
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64, macOS, XboxOne, PlayStation4

Documentation: Link
Demonstration Video: Link
Animation Demonstration Video: Link
Animation Tutorial: Link
Demonstration Project: Link
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