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Graph Minimap

PRO Plugin 4.27 Graph Minimap 1.2

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This plugin adds a minimap to the graph editor that gives you an overview of the entire graph.
You can also operate the graph editor from the minimap.
It supports basic graph editors such as blueprint and material, etc.
The minimap is automatically displayed when you open the graph editor.
The minimap mode and size are saved for each graph and will be restored the next time you open the graph editor.

Technical Details​

  • [Ctrl + M] Change the mode of the minimap.
Code Modules:
  • GraphMinimap [EditorNoCommandlet]
Supported Development Platforms: Windows | Mac | Linux
Documentation: https://github.com/Naotsun19B/GraphMinimap-Document
Latest Update:
  • Fixed a bug that autofocus to node does not work when double-clicking a function on the list.
  • Fixed a bug that the details panel is not displayed while operating the graph.
  • Fixed a bug that the combo box etc. flickers when displaying the mini map.
  • Enabled to specify the drawing scale so that the minimap can be used in larger graphs.

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