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Grappling Hook - Dual Maneuver System

PRO Asset 4.27 Grappling Hook - Dual Maneuver System Latest

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[Showcase Video]

Are you looking for a grappling hook system that let's you soar through the sky, dash between buildings with either one or two hooks? This product offers a template for exactly that kind of gaming experience.

Dual Hooks
One or two shootable grappling hooks with no need to specify designated grappling locations. Simply build your level and the system just works with no need for additional setup. The grappling hook movement includes swinging, boosting (pulling yourself towards the hook), directional air dashes and sliding on the ground.

Smart Aim
Aiming your hook comes in two ways: The traditional manual aiming mode in which you just shoot to where your crosshair is pointing, as well as a smart aiming mode that automatically finds suitable locations to attach your hook to. This allows for a smooth and natural feeling when wanting to shoot 2 hooks at the same time.

All Assets Included
Furthermore, this product also includes all static meshes (buildings, character gear, hooks etc...) and all visual effects (boost, shooting your hook, sliding etc...).

This product is playable with either keyboard+mouse or controller by default, you can however easily adapt the inputs to any other platform. It also features a large example map as seen in the showcase video.
Lastly, this product includes 30 handmade animations and multiple blendspaces for in-air movement as well as sliding or doing flips and dodges.

Technical Details​

  • Single + Dual hook rope swing physics
  • Boost towards hook location
  • Directional air dashes in 4 directions
  • Manual crosshair aiming + Toggleable smart hook location finder
  • Various example static meshes such as buildings and hooks
  • Large example map
  • Easily modifiable settings (input/user inferface/movement)
  • 30 handmade animations/poses for air movement and ground sliding
  • Visual effects and camera shakes
  • 100% Blueprint
Number of Blueprints: 13
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes
Input: Supports Gamepad/Controller, Keyboard+Mouse by default
Network Replicated: No, but due to high demand an update is planned.
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