Hand to hand finishers Volume 2

PAID Asset 4.27 $8 Hand to hand finishers Volume 2 1.1

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V1.1 (September 9 2020)
  • Fixed: Animated the ik_foot_root and ik_hand_root to follow the root bone

Production Description
This is an animation asset pack that offers hand crafted paired animations and idles:
  • total animations: 26
  • 22 paired finisher animations: 11 attacker, 11 victim
  • 2 cheeky gestures
  • 1 power up idle
  • 1 standing idle
  • test level included
  • animated with Unreal Mannequin skeleton

  • blueprints for any game play not included, this is strictly an asset pack
  • character models and environment art from the promotional video are not included

Technical Details​

  • pose matched start and end frames to the provided Idle animation
  • no need to re-target animations if using the default Unreal Manneuin
  • hand Crafted animation from a professional Animator
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes
If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included: Yes
Number of Animations: 26
Animation types: Root Motion
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Documentation: Link