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Liquid Bottle Simulation VFX

PREMIUM Asset 4.27 4.26 Liquid Bottle Simulation VFX LAST VERSION

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Simulates liquid in bottles based on movement/Velocity (can also be used with physics ). The appearance of the liquid customizable by tweaking the values in material instances and exposed Blueprint variables. The asset is easily be implemented to custom models by simply applying the material on the object(Documentation/Tutorial will be coming soon).
Important Info: Currently works in Unreal Engine 4.25. Will be improved and updated to newer engine versions. The Asset can also be updated manually by importing to an existing 4.25 project and opening the project in a newer engine.

Technical Details​

what’s Inside:

2 Blueprints, 6 Master Materials, 29 Material Instances, 1 Material Function, 26 Static Meshes, 4 Textures, 1 Demo Map.


- Animates based on movement and has Physics Capability
- Full appearance customization via Material Instance
- Fill amount customization via Blueprint. Can be used in another blueprint or animation
- Masked material support for optimized
- Translucent material support (Uses Inner and Outer Mesh for liquid)

Important/Additional Notes:

There is a bit of a trade-off on how the liquid animates where the animation can be canceled out based on the direction of movement especially when moving between negative and positive values in a direction that can produce weird results when physics is enabled. Alternatively, clamping the values produces better results but may not animate accurately in certain directions. I've added a boolean/switch as a workaround on the blueprint for your preference.

Having multiple instances of the asset in one area is not recommended as it can become expensive when translucent materials are overlapping/stacking. Especially on the translucent bottle bp as the inner and outer liquid models are already using translucent materials which already have overlapping translucency.
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