Mech Constructor Humanoid Robots

PRO Asset Constant Updates 4.26 Mech Constructor Humanoid Robots LAST VERSION

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3d previews:

Can be greatly expanded by the other Mech Constructor packs,
which can be found on my Unreal Marketplace page.
All the parts are fully compatible.

The units are easy to assemble - just assign the parts to the corresponding sockets and they'll snap right into place.
The poly count of mechs varies from 2.3k to 4.2k tris. The textures vary from hand painted 4k diffuse atlas, which looks good even unlit, to the set of PBR maps.

  • Legs (3 levels)
  • Humanoid arms (3 levels)
  • Weapon mount arms (3 levels)
  • 18 Cockpits
  • 6 types of Shoulders
  • 10 Backpacks
  • Shields (6 variations)
  • Shotguns (5 levels)
  • 3 types of Claws
  • 2 HandGuards
  • 2 Saw variations
  • Hand Minigun (3 levels)
  • Hand Shotgun (3 levels)
  • 5 more hand weapons

  • Idle
  • Walk
  • Turn while walking
  • Run
  • Turn while running
  • Turn on place
  • Death
  • Activate/Deactivate
  • Punch, Block
  • Push, Pull object
  • Lift, Throw object
  • Idle, Walk with object

Technical Details​

  • Modular sci-fi mechs, over 20 distinctive combinations
  • Large variety of textures, from hand-painted diffuse to PBR
  • Fully compatible with the other Mech Constructor packs

Scaled to Epic skeleton: (No)
Rigged: (Yes)
Rigged to Epic skeleton: (No)
Animated: (Yes)
Number of characters: Over 20 distinctive characters
Triangle count of characters: From 2300 to 4200 for the assembled units
Texture Resolutions: 4096x4096 atlas for all the parts, 15 color variations
Number of Animations: 20 per character
Animation types (Root Motion/In-place): Root Motion
Supported Development Platforms: (Windows, Mac OS)
Supported Target Build Platforms: (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox)

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