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Mesh Morpher allows you to create/remove/modify, copy, import and export morph targets easily from within UE4 Editor.

This plugin is under continuous development and improvement.

Please get in touch with me on my discord server or on e-mail with suggestions, bugs or any other questions or you can submit Here.

Getting started videos: Here

Cool Project that's using Mesh Morpher: Here

Made by Users:

Houdini, MetaHumans and Mesh Morpher

Mesh Morpher 1.8.7 is Live! (03/02/2022)
  • [MM-201] Fixed a possible bug in Create Morph Target/Meta Morph from OBJ Files where not deselecting an OBJ would reapply the transform over and over when pressing OK.
  • [MM-202] Fixed a bug where keyboard shortcuts would be triggered even when editable text widgets are focused.

Mesh Morpher 1.8.6 is Live! (02/28/2022)
  • [MM-200] Added additional verbosity to Create Morph Target from OBJ Files allowing users to understand better why it fails when it fails.

Mesh Morpher 1.8.5 is Live! (02/22/2022)
  • [MM-180] Implemented the ability to offset transform gizmo (Hold Left Shift while dragging the Gizmo)
  • [MM-183] Implemented Keyboard Shortcuts for Brush Size (Brackets)
  • [MM-199] Fixed a crash due to transform gizmo type not registering anymore.

Mesh Morpher 1.8.4 is Live! (02/11/2022)
  • [MM-179] Draw Selection has been moved in Scene Proxy
  • [MM-191] OBJ Export now writes Normals and UVs
  • [MM-192] Improved Mask Selection Rendering.
  • [MM-193] Improved Mask Selection Performance
  • [MM-194] Fixed a bug where Open Selected menu button wouldn’t open the selected morph target
  • [MM-195] Updated Copyright info
  • [MM-197] Creating from OBJ files UI has been greatly improved allowing users to preview and rotate the OBJ files
  • [MM-198] OBJ Importer has been greatly improved.

  • English Only
  • Review blackmailing is not tolerated and will result in a BAN from support server.

Technical Details​

  • Create Morph Targets
  • Delete Morph Targets
  • LOD Support (Morph Targets are reflected on all mesh LODs)
  • In-Editor Mesh deformation
  • Easy to use UI
  • Works with any Skeletal Mesh
  • Copy Morph Targets to another mesh
  • Merge Morph Targets
  • Rename Morph Target
  • Duplicate Morph Target
  • Export Morph Targets to Static Meshes
  • Bake Morph targets into Skeletal Mesh
  • Runtime baking
  • Standalone Morph Targets
  • Symmetry Editing
  • Bulk Copy
  • Change Pose
  • Reference Skeletal Mesh
  • Create Morph Target from Selected Pose
  • Create Morph Target from a Mesh
  • Blueprint Tools
  • Enable/Disable Mesh Re-building (4.26)
  • Import Morph Targets from Obj Files (Experimental, CC3, Meta Humans and more)
  • Vertice masking (4.26)
  • OBJ Export

Tool Types:
  • Move
  • Smooth
  • Sculpt
  • Sculpt Max
  • Inflate
  • Pinch
  • Flatten
  • Plane
  • Restore
  • Transform

Code Modules:
  • MeshMorpher [Editor] [Win32/64]
  • MeshMorpherRuntime[Runtime] [Win32/64, Android, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation]

Number of C++ Classes: 22
Network Replicated: N/A
Supported Development Platforms: Win32/64
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win32/64, Android, Linux, Xbox One, Playstation

Support: Here

Art Station: Here

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