Multiplayer Execution System

PREMIUM Asset 5.3 5.2 5.1 Multiplayer Execution System 2023-09-14

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<br/><br/><p>Trailer: <a href="
" rel="noreferrer noopener">Youtube</a></p><p>Documentation: <a href="" rel="noreferrer noopener">Link</a></p><p>Discord Support: <a href="" rel="noreferrer noopener">Link</a></p><p><br /></p><p>Multiplayer Execution System allows you to execute victims from any direction with a cinematic camera. Is completely networked and multiplayer ready. </p><p>The goal of the product is to help you execute targets quickly and simply. You just need to set up your execution based on the direction you choose and let the system do the work.</p><br/><br/>

Technical Details:

<p>Features:</p><ul><li>Execution System Component</li><li>Detecting direction execution (Front, Back, Left &amp; Right)</li><li>Sync Victim Rotation &amp; Distance</li><li>Cinematic Camera</li><li>Apply damage</li><li>Death Ragdoll System</li><li>Custom hitbox trace</li><li>Hit Sound &amp; Camera Shake</li><li>100% Blueprint</li><li>Multiplayer Ready</li><li>Can be used for AI</li></ul><p><br /></p><p>Number of Blueprints: 7</p><p>Input: Keyboard / Mouse</p><p>Network Replicated: Yes</p><p>Supported Development Platforms:</p><p>Windows: Yes</p><p>Mac: (Not tested) but should be work</p><p>Documentation: <a href="" rel="noreferrer noopener">Link</a></p>

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