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MW Meadow Wetlands Landscape

PRO Asset 4.27 4.26 MW Meadow Wetlands Landscape VERSION 3.1.0

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Documentation: Online Documentation
Youtube: Meadow Wetlands Landscape

A 400 square kilometer landscape with a lot of photo realistic detail: forest, lakes, rocks, various plants and more. Full procedural forest generation or painting. Viewable distance around the playarea is a 3600 sqkm vista. Automated landscape layer system with 7 paintable layers. Also included a procedural cloud shader with ground shadows and a scriptable wind system. Highres ground textures and automated layer detailing. Powerful materials and landscape shader, highly tweakable.

FEATURES [3.1.0]:​

  • High resolution photogrammetry models and textures
  • 400 square kilometer playable area
  • 3600 square kilometer vista area
  • 7 paintable automated landscape layers
  • Interactive foliage
  • Paintable procedural water puddles
  • Highly detailed ground textures
  • Material wind system
  • Procedural forest generation
  • Procedural ground cover
  • Procedural slope material
  • Procedural water material
  • Procedural cloud material with ground shadows

Technical Details​


  • V3.1.0 is available in UE versions 4.26 and above
  • V3.0.2 is available in UE versions 4.23 to 4.25
Full change log is available in our Discord Channel.

ASSET LIST [3.1.0]:​

  • Landscapes: 1
  • Large Trees: 3
  • Medium Trees: 3
  • Small Trees: 2
  • Bushes: 6
  • Grass: 27
  • Var. Plants: 18
  • Reed Plants: 3
  • Water Plants: 10
  • Ground Cover: 19
  • Rocks: 15
  • Slopes: 3
  • Debris: 7
  • Background: 2
  • Ground Materials: 8

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: The majority of assets use 4096x4096 base color, normal, and utility textures
Collision: Yes (automatically generated)
Vertex Count: 16000/8000/4000/50 (trees), 4000/1000/500 (rocks), 7000-50 (plants)
LODs: 1-3 Levels of LOD
Number of Meshes: 120
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 117
Number of Textures: 118
Min requirements for editing: Ram: 16GB, Video: GTX 1060
Intended Platform: PC
Platforms Tested: PC
DefaultEngine.INI: MWL Default Settings (4.26)

For direct support join our: Discord Channel

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