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Next Gen Destruction Toolkit

PAID Asset $3 5.3 5.1 Next Gen Destruction Toolkit 2023-11-14

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The Next Gen Destruction Toolkit is a simple-to-use framework for integrating Chaos Destruction into your project. It provides easy to use data asset-based definitions for destructibles that allow self-contained responses to bullet impacts, breaking, trailing etc. This allows a user to very quickly create a destructible and populate its behaviours with realistic breaking behaviour, particle effects and sounds.

Please note: If using the 5.3 version of this asset, it's recommended to update to UE 5.3.1 or above or you may experience a crash on startup due to a bug fixed in 5.3.1. Alternatively you can disable Nanite in the DefaultEngine ini with 'r.Nanite.ProjectEnabled=False', but this will result in a performance impact.

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  • Data Asset-driven for creation of new destructible assets in minutes
  • Surface-type driven effects, with physical materials determining on-hit particle VFX and sound
  • Numerous example assets
  • High-fidelity models and FX designed with Nanite and Lumen in mind
  • Utilizes the Chaos Data Interface in Niagara to trigger particle effects from breaking and trailing events

Number of Blueprints: 15

Number of Geometry Collections: 14

Number of Niagara Systems: 14

Input: Keyboard/Mouse

Network Replicated: No

Nanite: Yes

Supported Development Platforms:


Documentation: Link

Support Discord Channel: Link

Twitter: Link

Playable Build: Link

Important info/notes: Please note that this asset is designed to make use of the graphics features introduced in UE5: Nanite, Lumen, and VSM. There is a 'performance consideration' map that goes over performance optimization for lower-end hardware, but it should be noted that the majority of assets currently are designed with Nanite in mind.

CC0 asset sources:

Coffee table + rifle: https://www.3dmodelscc0.com/

Sound effects: https://freesound.org/, https://opengameart.org/

Abandoned Slipway HDRI: https://polyhaven.com

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