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PRO Plugin 5.0 4.27 4.26 Oceanology 5.1.2

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UPDATE FROM 5.0.7 TO 5.0.8


Correction of swimming parameters
-The character is renamed
-Animations are renamed
-Swimming status is integrated
-Remove boolean from swimming for better compatibility
-Ocean collisions are modified
-Character can now swim in the lake
-New point light material (Caustics)
-The lake is optimized
-New scale system for the lake
-New map Map_Lake_Buoyancy
-New zoom control for the character
-Experimental folder is removed
-Now the character can interact with other buoyancy volumes
-Tag (Fluid) is integrated for compatibility of interaction in the ocean
-Compatibility bugs are fixed in UE5
-Swimming problem in UE5 is corrected
-Swimming is already ALS V4 compliant
Update to version 5.0.7 - LAKE UPDATE / update of important code + Documentation


-New buoyancy system
-New swimming system
-Now you can get events in buoyancy
-Event to detect up and down the waves (This means that now you can use particles, sounds etc)
-Event of lines for local ocean- It is integrated but not activated, It is in the experimental phase
-Internal values are readjusted
-New trace detection system to detect the swimming surface
-New animation structure for swimming, much smoother and easier to use
-Improved buoyancy on ships, Objects, characters etc
-The wave equation is readjusted
-Smooth swimming when reaching the shore
- Strange jumps are fixed while you are swimming
-Object mass detection is integrated
-New structure in blueprints
-New controls are integrated for swimming
-Now you can jump on the surface, dive etc.
-New demo map for buoyancy is integrated
-New normal setting
-Details are improved
-No more artifacts
-New wind system for plants
-Failed artifact error due to low number of polygons is corrected
-QuadTree LOD distance is modified
-Fixed strange movements in the plants in UE5
-The height of caustics has been readjusted, they are now visible in the ocean
-The QuadTree C ++ System is reconfigured
-The Infinite C ++ System is reconfigured
-Fortnite physics compilation error is fixed
-Storm map warnings fixed
-Fix post process priority in ocean
-Fog can now be displayed when compiling
-Lake is integrated
-Local physics system for lake is integrated
-Event-based physics for lake
-Lake map is integrated
-Post process for multiple actors activated for lake
-eliminated functions are reinstated
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