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[PRE ORDER CONTENT] Human: Realistic Portrait Creation With Blender

PREMIUM Tutorial [PRE ORDER CONTENT] Human: Realistic Portrait Creation With Blender LAST VERSION

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Attention CG Cookie members: HUMAN is available for all active CG Cookie members. If you have a CG Cookie membership (or plan on getting one) you do not need to purchase this course separately.

Achieving photorealistic 3D faces is among the most coveted skills in computer graphics​

Just look at the curated community page or trending page of ArtStation’s "Digital 3D" category and count the number of realistic portrait and character renders.

Whether for movie VFX, video games, NFTs, or simply for the love of the craft, realistic portraiture is a worthwhile and deeply rewarding pursuit.


Portraits are hard, though. Like, really hard, right?​

There’s no sugar-coating it: yes, portraiture is challenging.

However, like every creative process in Blender, creating a life-like human face can be learned. (And it has nothing to do with talent, by the way.)

HUMAN is here to prove that you, too, can create realistic human faces with Blender​

HUMAN is a deep-dive course into the process of portraiture. In five chapters, I lift the veil on all of the workflows, tricks, decision-making and pitfalls that I encountered on the way - and I keep nothing hidden.


If you follow along and put in the practice, the results will blow your mind.​

Much more than just a step-by-step recipe, this course is a journey into my creative process. In HUMAN, you will witness the entire journey from the default cube to fully-detailed photo-realistic portrait.

Together, we will explore the depth of Blender's capability!

What skill level is this course for?​

From the beginning, I designed this course with all skill levels in mind. However due to the advanced nature of this subject, an intermediate level of experience is optimal.

If you’re new to Blender, want to brush up your skills, or perhaps switching to Blender from another 3D app - we’re offering a bundled purchase. The videos included in the Course Bundle will get you up to speed and ready - not only for HUMAN, but for any Blender project.


What is included in HUMAN?​

  • More than 80 lessons across 5 chapters
  • Over 25 hours of video
  • Every step covered in detail
  • Project source files
  • anAtomic reference tool ($29.95 value)

What is included in HUMAN: The Course Bundle?​

All of the above, plus, 6 Blender courses from the CG Cookie course library:

The total value of these courses is $195 (for an additional $38 only).


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