Smart Traffic Light

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Demonstration Video: here

Welcome to the Smart Traffic Lights !
Enjoy this easy and beginner friendly drag'n drop Traffic Light Creator Blueprint. You can create your traffic lights in seconds with a ton of settings. Just drag'n drop the Blueprint in your level, add a pole, configure your starting light state, the color, the duration, the light intensity and if you want also some symbols and ... that's it ;D If you want, you can also add with one click additional meshes to the traffic light and / or connect it to the "BP_IntersectionManager".
Very easy to use, also for absolute unreal engine newbies!

Don't waste your time like I did first and create traffic lights by hand, just use this blueprint ;D !

Support Discord:

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Technical Details​

  • Create your traffic lights in seconds!
  • Change the material and the color of your traffic light
  • Define how long it should stay on Red, Yellow to green, Yellow to red, Red
  • One Blueprint - Drag'n Drop - Beginner Friendly - no Blueprint knowledge required
  • Adjust the light intensity and the light color
  • Add with one click additional meshes to your traffic light
  • Add Symbols like arrows etc. to your traffic light
  • Smart Traffic Light System for easier and simple Intersection Management
  • 3 Types of Traffic Lights; 8 additional traffic light meshes; 2 Poles; 1 Traffic Light Button
  • Continuous updates and improvements

Number of Blueprints: 4
Number of Unique Meshes:
Collision: Yes, automatically generated
LODs: Yes
Vertex Count: 20 – 1.078 Vertices
Materials: 2 (Master Material)
Material Instances: 21
Number of Textures: 92
Texture Resolutions: 256px - 2048px (you can scale it down via bulk edit in the UE)
Important/Additional Notes: If you have any questions or special needs, just write an e-mail ;) - support(at) - Should be work on all devices, i but i can only test it on Linux & Windows .

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