Sniper Rifle 'Rattlesnake'

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Sniper rifle with different skins and fully operable parts, such as trigger, charging handle and buttstock. This asset includes three color schemes: Copper/Black, Green/Black, Wooden/Black. Scope has "real" construction. This allows you to use it by reducing FOV of the camera.

Technical Details​


  • Three color schemes: Copper/Black, Green/Black, Wooden/Black
  • Detachable magazines, scope, silencer and bipod
  • Trigger, charging handle and buttstock are rigged and animated


  • 512x512 (scope marks)
  • 4096x4096 (guns, attachments)

Vertex Count: SK_RattleSnake_Body (23 800), SM_RattleSnake_Bipod_Closed (2 700), SM_RattleSnake_Bipod_Open (2 700), SM_RattleSnake_Mag_Empty (1 800), SM_RattleSnake_Mag_Full (4 400), SM_RattleSnake_Mag_Last_Cartridge (2 000), SM_RattleSnake_Scope_X6 (6 000), SM_RattleSnake_Silencer (800), SM_RattleSnake_Cartridge (200)

Number of Meshes: 1 skeletal mesh, 8 static meshes
Number of Animations: 5 (Buttstock Contract, Buttstock Extend, Reload, Shoot, All-in-One)
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3 materials + 9 instances
Number of Textures: 46 (15 per skin + scope marks)
LODs: 0

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