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STABUILD - Building Stability System

PRO Asset 4.27 4.26 STABUILD - Building Stability System LAST VERSION

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Welcome to Stabuild!​

Stabuild is a Structural Integrity System that allows users to modularly build structures (houses, towers, whatever their immagination drives them) while automatically calculating the structural stability of it.
It's Fully Customizable:
Import your own 3D Models and easily implement them as Building Components (BC), every aspect of a BC is editable, from single component resistence to how much resistence is getting passed through various building parts.

All this with an integrated Component-based system that allows every Pawn to be used as a builder, making Stabuild ready-to-use in seconds.

>> STABUILD Demonstration Video <<
See Stabuild in action :D

>> STABUILD How To <<
See how easy it is to implement Stabuild in your Game :D
(How to implement your new 3D model + How to implement the Building Actor Component)

Technical Details​

Builder ActorComponent: can be added to every pawn, enabling this to build at runtime
B) Construction Manager: this guys is the responsable for every connection and structural calculation, it defines what components is part of the structure and then calculates the structural stability
b1) Is considered a Structure a group of 1 or more connected Building Components
b2) Every Structure has it's own Construction Manager
b3) If a Structure is splitted, the Construction Manager will detect it and spawn a new Construction Component for that new structure
b4) If a Structure is merged, the Construction Managers will merge into a single one
C) Building Components are whatever part you want to be part of the building system and took into account by the whole system

Number of Blueprints: 23 + Tutorial Blueprints
Input: Default Mouse Keyboard but any system can easily used with it
Network Replicated: Not tested, but can be set up
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, Ios, Linux
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes
Documentation: Implementation video [HERE], In-Engine Tutorials, Commented Code
Important/Additional Notes: For whatever question, report, request or if you need help, you can find me on Discord at https://discord.gg/hK2PWeW or via Email at [email protected]
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