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FREE Asset 4.26 StarSphere LAST VERSION

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Preview: https://youtu.be/6bPlaM9kOlA
Preview (planet shader): https://youtu.be/hwFApClWUCY

StarSphere is a collection of assets for creating beautiful space skybox backdrops within UE4. Parameterized materials let you control many layers that build up the star sphere and allow your space environment to have unlimited variations. Also provided are materials and textures optimized for mobile applications as well as three additional bonus features: planet shader, physics based 6 DoF camera actor and space dust effect blueprint.

Static StarSphere uses 8 adjustable layers with 6 decal positions. You can lock sphere translation to actor and align sphere rotation to directional light source.
Dynamic StarSphere adds randomize on begin play.

Planet shader uses 2 meshes and material instances to define planet surface and atmosphere. Planet surface uses 3 texture levels for surface, clouds and night lights. Atmosphere level fakes Rayleigh scattering effect and also provides eclipse effect.

6 DoF camera actor is physics based and provides parameter controls for maximum linear/angular velocity and linear/angular acceleration.

Space dust effect Blueprint repositions emitter sphere in the path of player pawn and spawns space dust particles. Update rate, minimum actor velocity and emitter position offset can be controlled.

***Monthly Unreal Engine Sponsored Content product for September 2020***

Technical Details​

Number of Blueprints: 5
Number of Master Materials: 7
Number of Material Instances: 12
Number of Material Functions: 2
Number of Base Textures: 6
Number of Decal Texture Samples: 8
Number of Planet Shader Textures: 8
Number of Meshes: 2
Number of Particle Systems: 1

Static StarSphere
• Number of adjustable layers: 8
• Number of decal positions: 6
• Maximum number of decals: 4
• Lock sphere translation to actor
• Align sphere rotation to directional light source

Dynamic StarSphere
• Number of adjustable layers: 8
• Number of decal positions: 6
• Maximum number of decals: 2
• Lock sphere translation to actor
• Randomize on begin play

Documentation: unreal.loomman.com/starsphere
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