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SuperGenius Weather - 1.0

FREE Asset 4.26 SuperGenius Weather - 1.0 LAST VERSION

No permission to download

New Tutorial Video: vimeo.com/199584594

SuperGenius's Weather FX pack brings ambient weather effects to the Unreal Marketplace. Add some chilling atmosphere to your environment with snow, hail, rain, fog, dust, and lightning storms. Everything included is customizable with colors, opacities, and behavioral controls.

Included in this pack are blueprints for:

Also included are particle systems and billboard materials for:
Blizzard - billboard mat
Distant Rain - billboard mat
Distant Fog - billboard mat
Close Fog - billboard mat
Vapor Cloud - particle system

With the 4.14 update, the pack now includes four new fully scale-able blueprints to allow for a full range of intensity from no vfx to an epic storm for fog, rain, hail, and snow. Each of these have values that control the materials like the original functionality, but also include the ability to add directional velocity for wind direction shifts etc. With this the fog can now be used to cover a huge range of effects, such as an epic snow storm, rising steam, or even a sand storm.

With these changes, this pack works very well with Christian Sparks' Orbit: Weather and Seasons package.

P.S. I have also removed the FPS Blueprint content for easier integration.

Technical Details​

These assets were made with performance in mind, so any particle system that ends with _Local should be linked to the player's camera and rendered locally only in multiplayer instances.

Intended Platform: Intended for mid-range to high end PCs and Consoles. Tested thoroughly on a mid-range PC (Intel i5, GTX 460SE).

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