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Main features:
* Single and Multiplayer Ready!
* Third Person or Top-Down mode
* Main Menu (with offline, host and join options)
* Game Settings
* Keymappings
* Save and Load
* Inventory
* Equipment
* Storage
* Crafting
* Skill Tree
* Skills System
* Quick Access Bar (for Skills and Items)
* Level and XP
* Stats
* Attributes
* Buffs
* Effects
* Quests (with Collectable Objects and Trigger Areas)
* Achievements
* Notifications
* Dialogues
* NPCs
* Vendors
* Interaction System
* Enemies (with Spawners)
* Advanced Enemy AI
* Respawn Points
* Targeting System (Third Person exclusive)
* Player Hero AI (Top-Down exclusive)
* Duel System
* Professions and Gathering
* Pets/Companions
... and growing!

UPDATE 1.4 Pets/Companions
  • players can acquire and level up companions, which will support them in battle​

Detailed changelog and roadmap available on the documentation site.

Gameplay videos:
Top-down, simple: LINK
Top-down, advanced: LINK
Third person, advanced: LINK
Multiplayer sample (third person): LINK

Technical Details​

Number of base Blueprints:​
  • 27 blueprints​
  • 21 actor components​
  • 14 blueprint interfaces​
  • 3 blueprint function libraries​
  • 3 save game blueprints​
  • 73 widget blueprints​

Playable demos:
Top-down, simple: LINK
Top-down, advanced: LINK
Third person, advanced: LINK

Documentation: LINK
Discord: LINK

Files for advanced demo can be downloaded for free here: LINK
(unpack and paste AdvancedDemo directly to project's Content folder)

Input: Mouse and Keyboard
Network Replicated: YES!
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Linus, Mac

Important/Additional Notes: This kit contains free icons from​