Tank Cleaning Center

FREE Asset 4.26 Tank Cleaning Center LAST VERSION

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Industrial tank cleaning center contains trucks, tanks, hangars, trailers with interiors, and many other props. All assets created to correspond current gen games budget.


Disclaimer: Due to a known engine bug with vertex painting, a warning may be displayed about spending 0.0s repairing painted vertex colors. This warning can be removed by manually resaving the level.

Technical Details​

  • Truck and oil tank with functional material to customize different colors.
  • Modular trailers with interiors with furniture.
  • Modular hangars and buildings.
  • Brick fences set, metal fences set with gates.
  • A few different pipes set.
  • A big amount of different props like lamps, electric poles, ladder, buckets, stovepipes, wheels, barrels, wires etc.
  • Vista buildings
  • PBR materials for all assets.
  • Demonstration map.
Number of Unique Meshes: 200
Collision: Yes. Mostly custom, some small props have automatically generated collision.
Vertex Count: from 4 to 29663
LODs: No
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 109
Number of Textures: 151
Texture Resolutions: From 128 to 4096
Supported Development Platforms:
  • Windows: Yes
  • Mac: Yes

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