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THE GROVE 3D - Blender Plugin​



Let nature take its course! Grow natural trees for use in visualization, art and film. Simulate the seasons by growing, bending and pruning in interactive steps. Watch your trees evolve year by year.
Natural parameters will guide the growth of every branch, from trunk to twig, and even the slightest change will resonate through the tree’s spreading branches.
Mimic the character of all kinds of trees. Start with a preset like Ash, Birch, or Maple. Then make the tweaks to let it search for light, and build up the strength to lift its own load. Grow everything from a tall and slender pine, to a wide spreading oak, all the way down to a willow that weeps.
Get in on The Grove and you get in on the most natural and fun way of growing 3D trees!



Let nature grow wild! Mimic the character of all kinds of trees, with intuitive parameters taken straight from the woods.

Trees grow tall and up to the sky. Competing with neighbors that take away light. But the biggest competition is the very tree itself, where new leaves above shade the old underneath.

Control the flow, of hormones and sugars. Favor bright over dark, rising over dangling. Grow free to the sides, or first grow in length.

Branches evolve and grow to the light. But when it gets crowded and they end up in shade, branches will wither and drop to the ground. This keeps trees open and creates space for air to flow – to keep the tree healthy and for birds to fly through.

Spreading branches will bend over time, with the increase in weight that keeps pulling them down. The continuous interplay, between bending down and growing back up, is key to the character and shape of a tree.

Quick start your tree with a range of presets capturing the wild diversity of tree forms. Thousands of species are just several tweaks away.

I’ll see your drawing and raise you a tree! Freely draw a curvy branch, or quickly sketch to fill a gap.

Grab the tree with both your hands and bend it into a pleasing curve. Just like in the art of bonsai, but here it is for full-grown trees, impossibly flexible and so much fun!

Nurture your tree like mother nature, or dive in with the pruning tool! Remove the branches that block the view, create space and air, and neat contours.

Set up an environment to attract, deflect, or stop new branches as they grow. Avoid a building, or let it cast shade. Or get creative and grow inside a shape!

Bring your trees to life with mesmerizing wind, that fluently flows to Alembic, and loops from the end.

The unique way of growing year by year, turns out to be a stunning animation, that unfolds right before your eyes. Record it to see trees like never before. Turning years into seconds, it will forever change your view.

Build high quality models that are lightweight to render. The Grove offers adaptive polygon reduction and a unique system of twigs, with minimal impact on both memory and disk.

Go all out! Add ridiculous detail, with intricate flowers and berries and leaves… Reduce twigs in the viewport for optimal speed.

Enrich your models with attribute layers, from simulation data like power, shade, pitch, and age. Use them later to make your own tweaks to materials, geometry and the distribution of twigs.

Unleash the deer to clear the base of your trees. Let auto prune take care of the tedious work, to make way for pedestrians and traffic to pass.

Plant your trees neatly in rings or in rows, or sprinkle them around in islands or clumps. Trees grow together, each will find its space, and over the years they will form a well-balanced whole.

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