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Viking Village Environment Megapack ( Modular with Interiors )

PRO Asset 4.27 Viking Village Environment Megapack ( Modular with Interiors ) LAST VERSION

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Here is our 8 months of team work of Leartes . We have higly relied on Quality of Assets and Showcase Level Art .All Buildings are made by Concept Arts , Our Concept Art team has created unique Concepts for all of our Buildings .
The Pack includes 285 Unique Meshes , and tileable textures and trimsheets for Buildings to make the pack more optimized.All Buildings has made fully modular with interiors so you will have flexibility use Modules fitting 50cm grid in engine to build your own exterior and interiors.
We have used sublevels system for special camera Lightings .We have three maps comes with the pack . One is asset overview map . One is Winter and one is Spring / Summer maps.Both Winter and Spring maps has its own Lighting Sublevels . Both has main Lighting for the whole level and special Lighting sublevels for each cameras in levels and Set Dressing / Interior Meshing sublevels so levels can be customized as wanted.
All details matters , we have added snow vertex painting option for winter map so you will be able to paint snow on any meshes you want or change painting we have already did .
Landscape is same landscape as our " Nordic / Viking Landscape pack " its pretty optimized and custimizable , you can check it out its tutorial video here
Pack includes Interiors and lots of props for both interiors and exteriors so you will be able to create your own interior or exteriors customly.
Showcase Video

If you have any support questions please send an email to [email protected]

Now when you purchase this pack and send your invoice to [email protected] you will get Medieval Castle Interior Pack ( 69.99$ Original Price ) for free.

Here you can join Leartes Asset Platform Discord Server ( Cosmos ) to get discounts.

Technical Details​

  • 3 Maps comes with the pack ( Overview / Winter / Spring )
  • Vertex Painting options
  • Optimized Scenes
  • Unique Concepts for each Assets
  • Sublevel system for better optimization
  • Tileable / Trim Materials
  • Buildings / Vehicles / Foliage / Props
  • Different Environments ( Seaside , Market , Interiors and more )
  • Armory / Kings Hall / House Interiors
  • Fully Customizable Pack
Number of Unique Meshes: 285
Collision: Yes
LODs: Yes up to 5
Number of Materials and Material Instances:119
Number of Textures:291
Texture Resolutions: 1K , 2K
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes

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