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Western Horror Basement

PREMIUM Asset 4.27 4.26 Western Horror Basement LAST VERSION

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This pack contains a high quality basement environment featuring a Western horror theme, composed of modular architecture pieces and unique props that can be used as-is or combined to fit your project's needs. All of the assets were created with AAA fidelity and can be used in any type of game without compromising on detail - some use tiling textures and others are uniquely sculpted props. This pack is perfect for Western, horror, or other similarly themed games.

The project contains all meshes, materials and textures needed to expand upon this theme and construct a larger environment while maintaining optimization and an easy workflow.

All assets have collision and LODs and are optimized for in-game use. All assets are made with correct PBR textures (Albedo, Normal, Roughness/Metallic/Ambient Occlusion).

Technical Details​

  • High quality props (including horror props such as knives and cow skulls)
  • Modular architecture pieces (floors, walls)
  • High resolution textures
  • Optimized materials
  • Dust particles and flame particles
  • Example environment map
  • LUT texture to color-grade your scene

Texture Sizes:
  • Props and Architecture: Up to 2048 x 2048
  • LUT: 256 x 16

  • Albedo, Normal, Roughness/Metallic/Ambient Occlusion (packed)
Collision: Yes, custom and generated in-engine
Vertex Count: 24 to 13,676
LODs: 0 to 4
Number of Meshes: 47
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 43
Number of Textures: 88
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, OSX, Xbox, Playstation
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows
Documentation: N/A
Important/Additional Notes: N/A
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