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WorldBLD | CityBLD

PAID Plugin Constant Updates $50 WorldBLD | CityBLD v0.3.0 Patch 4 + Launcher

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CityBLD Features​

Even in beta stage, CityBLD is an extremely feature-rich toolset. Here is a list of features that are available immediately, with many new features added each week.


CityBLD includes the most powerful road creation toolset available for Unreal.
  • Simple road brush tool - click in the world to draw roads and highways
  • Dedicated highways tool, allowing smooth merges
  • Merge types - customize the meshes spawned at merges, merge angle, number of merge lanes, merge lane length, and more.
  • Parametric road markings that are dynamically applied to any road material you use
  • Road end markings - add crosswalks, turn lane markings, and more at the end of roads
  • Point and spot lights can be attached to street lamps and turned on and off at runtime
  • Control spline handle allows you to precisely and evenly adjust the angle of a road curve
  • Elevation adjustments - simply scroll the mouse wheel to raise and lower the road or highway as you draw
  • When elevated, roads and highways can automatically spawn guardrails and bridge supports which align to avoid overlapping underlying roads or highways
  • When lowered beneath the ground, highways automatically generate tunnels
  • Instantly align the landscape to roads & highways as they are drawn
  • Road Prefabs allow you to use premade intersections, such as roundabouts.
  • Many AAA quality road & highway presets are included for free with the plugin

  • Convert entire areas of a city to instanced meshes inside a single actor
  • Full Nanite compatibility
  • Spawn small details at runtime for zero memory overhead

  • Convert buildings and roads to .fbx format for export to third-party software


CityBLD's modular building generator is the most flexible on the market, allowing all types of buildings to be generated with any shape or angle.
  • Any 2D shape supported by the building generator
  • Buildings can have any number of sides
  • Buildings are spawned procedurally on realistically subdivided lots
  • Static buildings, such as KitBash3D packs, can be procedurally placed as well as modular buildings
  • Areas within streets can be automatically subdivided into smaller lots, which can contain buildings, props, or PCG graphs.
  • Buildings can generate foundation walls and steps on steep slopes
  • Extensive roof styling options
  • Procedural flat rooftops that conform to the building shape
  • Procedural gabled rooftops that conform to the building shape
  • Procedural hipped rooftops that conform to the building shape
  • Roof tile spawn
  • Buildings can be converted to instanced meshes for game-ready performance
  • Buildings can be converted to Static Mesh assets and exported to .fbx for use in an external software
  • Buildings can utilize Chaos Destruction to fracture and collapse realistically.
  • The rules of each building floor are completely customizable to achieve a wide variety of architecture styles

  • Automated installation and updates
  • Built-in help buttons and tooltips
  • Dedicated tools to assist in common tasks
  • Launcher app to keep City Kits updated

Project Integration
No third party plugins required
Source code available for studios upon request(studio and enterprise plans)
Use any custom meshes you want
Modular mesh placement according to industry standards
PCG Framework integration

Latest updates

  1. Added Launcher

    Added CityBLD Launcher to download Modern City Kit
  2. Update to version 0.3.0 Patch 2

    CityBLD: New traffic tools to add pedestrian and vehicle traffic to your city Experimental...
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