Yui - SpecOps Cat

PREMIUM Asset 4.26 Yui - SpecOps Cat LAST VERSION

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Yui is a Sci-fi soldier with a suit of power armor conveniently shaped like a cat. This is a PBR, low poly (75k polygons), fully rigged with a custom rig that's fully compatible with UE4 humanoid rig. Included are 7 different color schemes: Base, Black, White, Brown, Green, Slayer, Hunter. Included is a Showcase scene with the 3rd person charater controller already set up and working, along with all the different variants lined up (please see video). https://vimeo.com/613823006

Technical Details​

  • Full suit of armor on top of the Undersuit.
  • Sci-Fi Rifle with a cute Cat Charm.
  • face (fully modeled mouth) and haircards.
  • PBR, 4k textures.
  • 7 different color schemes.
  • Retractable claws (using blendshapes)
  • Visor can be toggled on or off, or made to appear see through.
Rigged: Yes
Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes (using retargeting)
If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included: Yes
Animated: No (using 3rdPersonBP)
Number of characters: 1 (7 color variants, armor on/off)
Vertex counts of characters: 78,495 (see images for polycount breakdown)
Number of Materials: 40 (Armor1: x7, Armor2: x7, Undersuit: x8, Rifle: x7, Charm: x7, Hair: x2, Eyelense, Face)
Number of Textures: 164
Texture Resolutions: Armor1: 4k, Armor2: 4k, Undersuit: 4k, Rifle: 4k, Face: 4k, Hair: 2k, Charm: 512x512
Rig Aditional Bones: Tail bones (Tail_01 - Tail_13), Hair bones (33 bones), Eye bones (Eye_l, Eye_r)