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3D-Scanned, Photo-Realistic Forest Landscape Asset Pack Vol. 2

PREMIUM Asset 4.27 4.26 3D-Scanned, Photo-Realistic Forest Landscape Asset Pack Vol. 2 LAST VERSION

No permission to download

Update 24.05.2019 (will be released soon)
- reworked folder structure and file names
- many texture, shader and material tweaks
- added a new overview map for all assets
- better collision for all meshes
- some minor mesh fixes

Vol. 2 of our Realistic Forest Pack- once again containing dozens and dozens of 3D scanned tree trunks, rocks, roots, boulders, bushes, grass and water assets – almost twice the amount of textures

It took us several months to come up with this addition to our first Forest Asset Pack, which has been highly rated and very well accepted by the UE4 Marketplace Community since sales began in 2018.

Collisions and LODs have been created, there is a wind-shader to fully support our Vertex Painting on trees and plants, and all maps are completely covered, so you can either use our materials as they are or expand on them in any way you please.

Forest II is a combination of realism and performance, and it will help you design more lively, beautiful and convincing scenarios on UE4.

P.S.: Your feedback is our best chance to improve our work, so please don’t forget to rate us and let us know about any issues you may encounter.

Technical Details​

Triangle Counts:

  • Rocks: 404-1452 triangles
  • Trees: 6308-17257 triangles
  • Grass Meshes: 318 – 1116 triangles
  • Trunks: 483-4725 triangles
  • Bushes: 74 – 1438 triangles
Texture Sizes: Between 1024x1024 and 4096x4096 for prop objects (boulders, trees, trunks, etc.)
Number of Materials and Instances:
  • 9 Materials, 55 Material Instances, 18 Material Functions
  • Landscape Material with several Layers, automatic foliage spawning
Number of Textures: 172
Meshes: 114
Suitable Platforms: PC, VR, Mac
Collisions: Yes
LODs: 4-6 for more complex objects

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