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Advanced Photo Mode

PREMIUM Asset Constant Updates 5.1 Advanced Photo Mode Update 04

No permission to download

UPDATE 4.0 RELEASED (05/01/2022)! You can check the changelog here.

Preview video (NEW! Version 4): Advanced Photo Mode

Preview video (OLD! Version 3): Advanced Photo Mode

*Version 4.0 available for Unreal Engine 4.25-5.0.

*Version 3.0 available for Unreal Engine 4.24.

Demo (V4.0): Executable Demo

Demo (V3.0): Executable Demo

A photo mode inspired by the latest games in the industry. Take amazing photos of your game.

Why does your game need a photo mode? Please watch this awesome video!


Documentation (EN)


Quick tutorial - how to use it in your project: YouTube

After installed (using the tutorial above), a guide to setup the multiplayer: YouTube

Tutorials Playlist (NEW! V4): Youtube

Other Tutorials Playlist (V3): Doc/YouTube

Discord (please, send a question here on the marketplace with your # to be verified on Discord -- you don't need to include your nick if you don't want to, just the number after the # --, so you can see all channels and send messages).


Integrations tutorials:

Integration with ALSV4 (ALS default camera -- without spring arm and camera component)



  • The function "Screenshot with UI" doesn't work as expected in UE4.27+ (that doesn't affect the logo and borders in the other screenshot options). That bug was reported to UE team and is awaiting resolution, you can check it here. If you prefer the V3.0 visuals, you can use the 4.24 files on Unreal Engine 4.25+ (it is compatible), but it needs a small mod on UE5.0 (you can check how to do that here).
  • If you're using the UE5 default sky, it can look weird in the photo mode (UE5 default sky doesn't handle pause game as it should), so the way to fix it is changing the "pause game method" variable in the photo mode component to "Use Global Time Dilation". Like here.

Check out other products here.


  • PHOTO MODE: It has sveral options to customize your photo. The options available in the menu can be seen in the photos above. The output files resolutions can be your current screen resolution or 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4k, and you can add more options.
  • ALBUM PHOTO VIEWER: Store your photos in an album with intelligent memory management: only the pages displayed are loaded while those off the screen automatically free up memory.


  • keyboard/mouse and Gamepad support;
  • Free camera system (on/off);
  • Set a maximum distance between free camera and player;
  • Show mouse cursor (on/off);
  • First-person support;
  • Easily add your own filter presets;
  • Easily add your own filter post process materials;
  • Set keyboard and gamepad keys for all actions;
  • Hide UI;
  • Easily change menu icons (keys and other icons);
  • Add your game logo.

Technical Details:

*"Soul: City", "Train" and "Sample City" maps not included in this project (you can get it for free here on the marketplace).

*Some filters have LUTs. The LUTs used in this project you can get in the unreal forum, and were made by Jacky (thanks, Jacky!), who made them available on the unreal forum. You can get more of them in this link.

Number of Blueprints:

  • 1 component BP; 8 widgets BP; 1 function library BP; 1 character BP (free camera); 2 Enum; 8 structures; 1 interface BP; 1 save game BP; 1 font (Espera); 7 post process materials; 11 post process materials instances; 5 textures for post process materials; 1 simple shapes BP (colored box); Third Person Template content.


  • 18 keyboard icons; 14 gamepad style 01 icons; 14 gamepad style 02 icons; 19 menu icons; 2 game logo examples; 1 simple color and instance texture;


  • Keyboard/mouse and gamepad;

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

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