Air Balloons

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Air Balloons are suitable for everything from close-ups to far-away backgrounds

  • Air Balloon blueprint with physics
  • 13 Different envelope patterns
  • Realistic physics: air drag, wind, changeable height
  • Automatic burner on/off to maintain desired height range
  • Up to 4 passengers in basket
  • Air Balloon spawner blueprint
  • Spawn up to 400 Balloons from spawner
  • Set spawn radius and desirable height
  • Ability to land all balloons
  • You can control balloons height, wind and land/take off in-game
  • Air Balloon drivable blueprint
  • WASD for move, space for burner

  • Simple map for testing included (remove DemoMap folder if you don't need it)

Technical Details​

Vertex Count: 2600 (Balloon)
Number of Blueprints: 3
Number of Textures: 25
Texture size: 2048 (basket, envelope); 1024 (people); 256-512 (flame)
LODs: Yes, optimized for distant to closeup balloons
Collision: Custom collision

See also: Wind Turbine

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