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All blueprints give you control over:
  • Speed
  • Whether the balloons use Helium or not
  • Which materials can be used
  • Which meshes can be used
  • if string is attached
  • Amount of balloons spawned

Single Balloon:
Allows you to place a balloon in the level at a specific location, this blueprint is the core balloon used in the other blueprints.
Tethered Balloons:
Balloons spawn tethered to an Anchor point, they will remain attached and will move with the anchor. Simulates when a bunch of balloons are tied to the same object.
Loose Balloons:
Can choose a spawn location and change the size of the spawn box, balloons will spawn in a random location within and will not be tethered. Simulates when you want hundreds of balloons to cover an area and fly up slowly into the sky.

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Technical Details​

  • Confetti Niagara effect spawns if a balloon pops when damaged
  • Pop sound effect plays if a balloon pops when damaged
  • Switch from using Air or Helium
  • Coiled string can be adjusted in the material (String is using the built in Cable Plugin)
Number of Blueprints: 3
Number of Materials: 15
Number of Meshes: 5
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes
Important/Additional Notes: Demo map has an example of how you can pop the balloons in the level blueprint

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