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Basic Splined Mesh Blueprint

FREE Asset 5.4 5.3 Basic Splined Mesh Blueprint 2024-05-12

No permission to download

The blueprint alone is being given away for FREE because I think this is a necessary tool for everyone due to how complicated Unreal splines can be. But if you can spend the $5, I would really appreciate it and you will get the demo map and assets you see in gallery photos above.

Here is the link to the free blueprint: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1K9sbeVi2q1-6lh7c0--WCyAgeE84UxRn?usp=sharing

This blueprint system has a lot of the basic functionality that splined mesh systems should have. I made this pack originally for the other product that I sell "The Dynamic Road System." And this was made to make guardrails and sidewalks for that pack. Halfway through making it I found that it wouldn't be too much extra effort to make it so that it is compatible with any meshes. So, I spent 2 months making the most requested features people recommended to me on YouTube and here we are now.


For general support or longer inquiries, you can join the official Discord server here:




  • Periodic and continuous placement
  • Snapping offset spline to another spline (like how a guardrail follows the side of a road. See picture example above)
  • Ability to snap meshes to the ground
  • Landscape tilt- Ground slope influences the rotation of the mesh sitting on the ground to mimic the slope
  • Meshes can be rotated along the spline and deform appropriately
  • The mesh can be re-oriented in any direction without needing to fix the mesh rotation through re-importing
  • Has basic options to change collision type
  • Basic options to offset meshes along the spline
  • Allows meshes to be used along the z axis as well for full 3D movement with appropriate twisting options
  • Also has the ability to spawn meshes and blueprints to be placed along the spline

Number of Blueprints: 1

Number of Static Meshes: 16

Number of Materials (and instances): 2 + (10)

Number of Textures: 0

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Not tested


Important/Additional Notes: Environment is not included, used for demonstration only. Everything in the demo map was made by the seller.


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